We are proud to service our customers:

   College Dundee
   Toyota Indonesia
   Harbour offices Germany
   Mediacorp Singapore
   CWS Asia
   PSA Singapore
   MUIS Singapore
   EverestRE Singapore
   Gen-i New Zealand
   Ministry of Health NZ
   Ministry of Education NZ
   SSC New Zealand
   DIA New Zealand
   ANZ New Zealand
Key projects:

Indonesian Police (Mabes Polri) 2000
Project Terrorist Criminal Suspect Application
Develop and implement TCSA as FBI Model.
Nord-deutsches Hafenamt Germany 2001
Project Flood Control
Develop and implement RT- FloodControl system
PSA Singapore 2002
Project Supply Chain Management
Analyze and improve import/export security processes of goods and services in/out of Singapore
Mediacorp Singapore 2003
Project Replacement Lotus Notes with MS Exchange
Replace email system in 20 Servers and 2.500 WS
MUIS Singapore 2004
Project Upgrade Lotus Notes
Upgrade 10 Servers and 250 WS
CWS Indonesia 2005
Project Cusomer Information System
Develop CIS and implement into production
ANZ NewZealand 2006
Project Mobile Phone Banking
Implement Mobile Banking Solution
Ministry of Health 2007/2008
NSDP Project Connected Health
Standardised IP-interconnection of Health networks

Connected Health Architectural Framework
Ministry of Health 2007/2008
NSDP Project Connected Health
Create and implement 2LD .HEALTH.NZ
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