Global Consultants:

New Zealand:
   Mikel Huth
   Paul Sutton
   Colin Jackson
   Daniel Vena

   Bill Buick

   Marcel Huth

   Decky Dompas

   Khairan Kassim
   Gerald Kontriner

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Consultants Global - Who we are

Consultants Global is a free partnership between international experts and our people are highly regarded practitioners who have significant experience in the application of ICT and solving of business problems.

Consultants Globalís people in 5 countries cover many disciplines. They build on their experience in any field of specialization to deliver the one thing our customers want most ó RESULTS.

Consultants Global consists of seasoned IT professionals with public & private sector experience. We have extensive experience in strategic planning and technical implementation. Coupled with regional outlook and various industry experience and connections, we are committed providing our clients with the best solutions according to their business needs.

Consultants Global provide consultancy services and manage key projects for leading medium to large sized private and public sector organisations in Europe, Asia and Pacific.

Consultants Globalís business expertise covers a range of solutions, geographies and industries with core capabilities in the areas of ICT, systems integration and consulting.

Consultants Global are focused not only on helping our customers maximize, but also sustain shareholders value growth through identifying new business opportunities, cutting-edge technologies and quality management systems.

Consultants Globalís mission demands that we provide superior performance, achieving it with our clients, based on the integrity of our client relationships and total commitment. Consultants Global's story is about people. Our people have made Consultants Global one of the outstanding companies in our industry.
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